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Sunlighten infrared sauna therapy takes an age-old relaxation practice and incorporates light wave length technology to improve your overall health. Infrared light gently heats the body from within and penetrates to deeper levels, helping to relieve inflammation and pain while providing immune support, detoxification, wound healing, cardiovascular health, and weight management. 

We offer Sunlighten’s top-of-the-line 3-wave infrared saunas, which use near, mid and far wavelengths to not only relax the body but also offer numerous benefits to your overall health as a therapeutic tool. Traditional saunas provide you with a surface sweat by heating the air. Infrared saunas heat the body from within, offering more healing and wellness benefits.

“If not for Jordan and her recommendation of a dual configuration of infrared sauna before my acupuncture session, I would not be able to live the life I want to. No healing process can surpass the Infrared sauna and Jordan’s acupuncture treatment...”



Interior of Finnish sauna, infrared panels for medical procedures, classic wooden


The moment you step into an infrared sauna, the relaxation begins. This heated, natural wood environment will immediately begin to reduce stress, relax the muscles, and melt away tension as it envelops you with penetrating warmth.


Benefits include:

  • Full body detoxification

  • pain relief

  • weight management

  • improved circulation and blood flow

  • stimulation of collagen, and wound healing

  • improved overall skin tone, elasticity and firmness 

  • clinically shown to reduce diastolic and systolic blood pressure with regular use   


30 mins


1 hour



Packages available: 

3 sessions/30 mins/$75($15 savings)

5 sessions/30 mins/$125 ($25 savings)

3 sessions/1 hour/$120 ($15 savings)

5 sessions/1 hour/$225 ($25 savings)

Body Detox & Depression Relief

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™ with Connie Zack, you’ll learn about the ways using a sauna can charge your energy, help you heal physical and mental health conditions—and the science that backs that up.

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