From herbal remedies to skin & body care to comfort-focused apparel, Common Thread Wellness has got you covered.

Medicinal Herb


Herbal remedies and food therapy play a significant role in shifting your symptoms at the root of the cause. In China, herbs are commonly seen as more important in healing than acupuncture. If herbs are indicated, I will explore the options that are right for you, whether raw herbs or a patent formula. Fullscript is a helpful platform that I work closely, if a formula is not in stock at the studio, the order can be place day of service and shipped directly to your home. 

Common Thread sources the highest quality herbs, free from animal ingredients, and organic whenever possible. 


After  16 years of experience in the skincare industry, I have carefully vetted the selection of products to speed improvements in your skin. From nourishing oils and botanicals to high octane antioxidants and enzymes, I've got you covered! 

Yina of California

Apoterra of Connecticut

Kinfield of New York

SunPotion of California

Cordial Organics of California

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robes hc.jpg


Common Thread has an ever updating selection of items I have carefully curated to create synergy for wellbeing, from things to breathe in, sleep in, smooth on, or just make your life better. 


Proudly supporting companies with integrity, transparency and ethical practices!


Honest Cotton of California

Premier Research Labs of Texas

Standard Process of Wisconsin 

Mountain Rose Herbs of Oregon

Evergreen Herbs of Texas

Meditrend of New Mexico