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The following techniques are included as part of the facial rejuvenation treatment, and are as relaxing as they are effective. Acupuncture is also offered as an optional component of the treatment.



Facial rejuvenation through acupuncture begins with an assessment of the condition of the skin and underlying systems. Constitutional points are applied to the body to ensure the entire system is contributing to improving the skin, removing blockages, reducing stressors, and increasing circulation. The skin is nourished with an oil cleanse and our proprietary formula to reduce sensitivity. Needles are placed in key locations in the facial area as well as on the body to maximize results. Number of needles applied varies according to goals, condition of the skin, and contributing constitutional factors.


Customized mask, serum, facial massage, and gua sha to finish. 


Benefits include:

   •  increase blood flow to the skin

  • lift sagging muscles 

  • stimulate collagen production

  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

  • reduce pigmentation and scarring



Treatment with acupuncture

75 mins



Treatment without acupuncture

60 mins



Dubbed the ‘Eastern Face Lift’ for its abilities to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, gua sha for the face is a gentle technique to plump, contour, tighten and rejuvenate skin. Gentle movements with our smooth rose quartz tool stimulate blood circulation and lymph movement, and relax muscles where stress lies, assisting in preventing future wrinkles. The treatment alternates between cool and warm, to further flush the lymphatic system, bringing nutrients to the skin. 


​Benefits include:

  • brightened complexion

  • reduced puffiness, improve contours

  • increased circulation of blood and lymph

  • relaxed rigid muscles, reduce stress

  • reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles 

  • improved skin tone (glow!)


 Performed with Yina + Apoterra botanical oils to nourish skin. 

Express gua sha for the face


30 mins



Gentle decompression massage with cups made especially for the more delicate skin of the face lift the fascia and tissue, bringing fresh blood flow, increasing delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. 


The lymph system in the face is close to the surface and responds to a rhythmic, gentle manual movement. We begin by opening and moving the lymph in the body through gentle stretching and cupping to encourage best results of moving the entire system. The skin is not decompressed into the cup long enough to create a mark on the skin. Rather, you will have a glow from the increase in circulation.


Performed with Yina + Apoterra botanical oils to nourish skin. 


Express cupping

30 mins


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