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acupuncture + skincare + apothecary

Hello and welcome! I'm Jordan Jacobs, licensed acupuncturist, esthetician and founder of Common Thread Wellness.


I treat people with complaints about the way they feel – physically, mentally, emotionally – by harnessing various modalities of Chinese medicine. Mostly acupuncture. But also gua sha, cupping, moxa and herbs. 


With 18 years in the skincare industry, I excel at assisting men and women in aging gracefully. In addition to a strong general practice, I specialize in pain management, stress, digestive issues, skin care and facial rejuvenation, addiction, sleep irregularity, chronic fatigue, and more.

S p e c i a l  A n n o u n c e m e n t :

 As of July 2022, I’m pleased to announce that Bernadette Malaniuk, an accomplished local esthetician, will also be seeing clients for skincare + waxing services  at Common Thread Wellness. I am so pleased to welcome Bernadette to the studio. You can learn more about her on her APPOINTMENTS page. 


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Wow, can’t really find the words to describe this experience but I’ll try. Jordan has a wealth of knowledge, her space is comfortable (in a perfect location) and her touch is gentle and calming. 


My experience was excellent... I felt better almost instantly. Highly recommend Jordan!


This was my first experience with acupuncture and cupping. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the practice and the quiet, calm, and soothing environment. This was just what I was longing for.



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